Film: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Watch “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in class. Share an observation on the film in the comment section below. What caught your eye? What can be learned by the making of this film as it relates to what you are planning to do?

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3 responses to “Film: Exit Through the Gift Shop”

  1. Micah says:

    What struck me most about the film was the story around generating a massive amount of work. Not only did Thierry produce an abundance of pieces for his show, but his process for generating the footage revolved around constantly working and sorting it out later. It was interesting to see someone follow a compulsion and then find a purpose for it after amassing a huge pile of work. What was also intriguing was that the pile of footage was worthless when Thierry tried to make something out of it but Banksy was able to craft a compelling, well paced story from the same parts. I think there’s a great lesson in the power of arrangement, pacing and narrative in there somewhere.

  2. Claire says:

    i think one of the strongest things i took away from the film was thierry’s determination in his passion. his persistence relates to anyone who is invested in an idea, proving that following curiosity is productive.

    but it does seem as though thierry’s obsession with recording his life would get annoying to the people he was around. when you experience something through a camera rather than with your body, you engage in the world differently. your memories are stored in the footage rather than in your mind- which seems sad because theirry didn’t watch the tapes. losing the ability to experience something first hand questions what experience really is.

    the progression of thierry’s documentation definitely has a shelf-life. just as street artists push to present more spectacular images, thierry can’t react to something unless its crazier than the thing that preceded it.

  3. Angela says:

    Since it was my first time seeing the movie, it was definitely interesting. Although because I overheard that the movie is fake before watching, I was distracted and tried to find what was fake about it. It made me question everything, so I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

    In a way, I felt like this film was similar to Gleaners and I because there was a lot of raw footage that was produced before making the movie and for the most part, it wasn’t planned. There’s this mentality of just make and keep making and then reflect, letting the footage tell the story. Although the fact that Thierry’s original video was horrible, also goes to say that you need the right skill and knowledge to figure out what’s important and how to arrange everything.

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