{May 2012


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John Caserta, Tim Hyde, Hammett Nurosi (am), Dylan Fracareta (pm), Ben Shaykin (am), Becky Fong

9:00 Micah Barrett in DC407

9:30 Hallie Bean in DC801

10:00 Sang Mun in DC704

10:30 Andrew Dixon in DC801

11:00 Cindi Lee in DC704

11:30 Adriane Cloepfil in DC801

12:00 Ellery Yahia in DC704


2:00 Yo-E Ryou in DC801

2:30 Claire Geary in DC704

3:00 Angela Hsieh in DC801

3:30 Megan Robinson in DC704

4:15 Helen Koh in DC901

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05/03/2012, 12:55 pm

Write and design an introduction for your degree project. I’m using the term “introduction” because it best suits the purpose of the document. Your introductions will be read in advance of your presentation (by the critics), and be archived with your visual documentation.

In class today we will review a few examples of introductions from books. These will show you a range of writing styles, each appropriate to the subject matter and tone of the project. The design of the introductions is also in keeping with the contents and tone of the overall project. Note how the formal choices communicate the tone of the work.

For next week

Write and design an introduction for your degree project. It should include your name, the title of your project, the words “introduction,” and “RISD” and the year.

Examples from Contemporary Books

Introductions from last year

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