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Puppet follows Dan Hurlin’s multi-year effort to tell the story of Depression-era photographer Mike Disfarmer. In this film, we see three artists at work: the filmmaker (David Soll), Hurlin and Disfarmer. Write a comment to this post focusing on one visual aspect of the film and how it supports the intention of the artist. In short, how does form help communicate the message.

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Watch “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in class. Share an observation on the film in the comment section below. What caught your eye? What can be learned by the making of this film as it relates to what you are planning to do?

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By next week, you should commit to a direction. Commit to either content, methodology, or a formal language (or many of these).

Present your project and your progress to the class in the form of a multimedia presentation. Your presentation should be about two minutes in length and include a title “slide” (may not necessarily come first). I suggest that you script the presentation in order to clarify your thoughts. Scripted or not, the presentation should include inspirations, existing progress, experiments or other illustrations of your thought process. The design of the presentation should also be considered as part of your message.

Because each of you is in a different place, this is not meant to take anyone backwards. Make the presentation serve you at whatever point you are in your process. If you’re making, then present what you’re making as connected to a bigger idea.

In conjunction with preparing your presentation, make a list of words that describe or inspire your project or your work in general. These words are meant to give some focus to your work and to help you keep track of what’s important to you as a maker. These can be formal or thematic words. Examples: big, opulent, bright, smart. The more specific the words, the more helpful. Keep this list handy for you to edit as the semester goes along. Be prepared to read your words at the end of your presentation.

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Things to consider:
– How does the film come about?
– How does Varda’s working method effect the film?
– How does Varda incorporate herself into the work?

Post a comment response to the movie you watched in class. What caught your eye? What can be learned by the making of this film as it relates to what you are planning to do?

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